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Mature solutions and advice for your service, security, storage, and systems management

Optimize your business processes – with the uniform solutions of the PMCS.helpLine Software Group


Strategic service consulting: Have your ideal service process modelled from strategy all the way to the analysis of business processes.


Service management: Utilize the solutions from the areas of IT, customer, field service, and financial management for your universal service process.


IT solution services: We implement solutions for security, storage, and systems management based on the products of leading technology partners.

Lower your service costs. Digitize all of your service processes on a single platform.

Use of helpLine

Service management – a platform for everything

IT service management, customer service management, field service management, shared service management, or financial management – we offer a universal platform for all areas of service provision, for every request, and for every service task. The user-friendliness of our software solutions is of particular importance to us. Only the right tools will let your employees enjoy the service and enable them to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction while simultaneously working with maximum efficiency. Hybrid operation models (on-premises, cloud, and managed services) ensure the smooth operation of your solution. Furthermore, we always follow the integrated concept for cost reduction. This entails support with the optimization of service processes as well as the lowering of service costs.

helpLine – the solution for your IT service management

Serviceware – the solution for your customer and field service management

anafee – the solution for your financial management


Start your project with the right strategy. Strategic service consulting designs a model of the ideal service process for your specific company.

Strategic service consulting: Strategic optimization of your processes with guaranteed practicality

Strategic service consulting establishes the connection between strategy and implementation. Starting with the strategy and going over the analysis of business processes, we tailor your company’s service processes. In this manner, we combine the advantages of both, classic strategy as well as IT consultation. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as companies listed on the DAX stock exchange from various business sectors find themselves  among our satisfied customers. With knowledge of their specific interests and requirements, strategic service consulting is able to support customers – irrespective of company size – in the best manner possible. From the project kick-off, well-established top management consultants collaborate on comprehensive solutions with IT experts experienced in implementation. We develop strategic concepts while keeping in mind what is possible. Most importantly: we offer individual solutions in our consultation approach and ensure that expenditure and benefit are properly balanced.

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Dr. Florian Meister, managing director of Strategic Service Consulting GmbH, in an interview with the German IT publication “Computerwoche”.

Rely on trusting partnerships for your successful IT project.

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IT Solution Services – for your storage, security, and systems management

The business division “IT Solution Services” develops and implements PMCS.helpLine solutions for security, storage, and systems management based on the products of leading technology partners. Building on the successful collaboration with more than 1,000 customers, we offer smooth project execution from a single source. Due to the fact that we focus on only a select number of partners, our employees have a high degree of specialized expertise. Furthermore, our certified support ensures the highest degree of quality in customer care. An additional advantage: due to their long-term and trusting collaborations, PMCS.helpLine is highly regarded among partners including and has direct access to their management. In such a partnership, each and every challenge can be mastered together.

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Top marks for our support center

The outstanding quality of our support center is reflected in a high degree of customer satisfaction with a current Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 55 percent. Our support center is available to all of our customers – irrespective of the solution they use. Additionally, our support center offers managed services. Benefit from great savings in time and resources and utilize the ready-made recommendations for action.

Proof of our competence – the awards received from our partners

A selection:

2015: “Nexthink Best New Partner of the Year Europe”

2014: “Symantec Best Retention Partner of the Year”

2014: “Symantec Most Committed Partner”

2013: “EMC Rookie Partner of the Year”

Award Symantec

From left to right: Michael Piontek (PR Manager, Veritas), Dirk Martin (founder of the PMCS.helpLine Software Group), Leif Walter (head of sales, PMCS GmbH & Co. KG) and Christian Nern (former country manager Germany, Symantec Germany) at the award ceremony for “Symantec Best Retention Partner of the Year” in 2014

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