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IT solution services: Health check of the client landscape at the municipal utilities

By using the Nexthink solution, Stadtwerke Tübingen (the municipal utilities of the city of Tübingen) is able to detect performance issues with its corporate PCs early on

Stadtwerke Tübingen wanted to obtain more detailed information on the state of security of its corporate PCs. With Nexthink, the company has introduced a solution for the monitoring of their PCs with the goal of detecting performance issues and behavioral problems in the client landscape early on. With the support of PMCS.helpLine, Stadtwerke Tübingen has been able to set up an optimal workflow in just a few weeks.

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Financial management: IT cost accounting in the international industry

PALFINGER AG charges its IT costs to the respective originator with anafee

PALFINGER’s IT department provides around 30 services for approx. 3,000 employees. The manufacturer of hydraulic lifting and loading equipment strives to break down the costs for IT procurement and IT services in a manner as transparent as possible and then allocate them to their respective originator. When it comes to IT controlling, PALFINGER relies on professional IT financial management by using the financial management solution anafee.

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IT service management at one of the largest chemical parks in Europe

With helpLine, CURRENTA achieves better service quality and higher user satisfaction

CURRENTA introduced a new solution for the IT service management in order to be able to quickly and professionally respond to service requests of employees. The operator of one of the largest chemical parks, the “Chempark” locations in the German cities of Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld, realized the project together with the software manufacturer PMCS.helpLine in six business areas.

Read more in the customer interview with the head of CURRENTA’s IT, Mr. Manfred Jandke

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Serviceware klant mpreis

Customer service management: Use customer feedback and complaints in retail

With Serviceware, the MPREIS supermarket chain turned customer feedback into quality indicators

The retailer MPREIS was looking for a powerful software solution in order to process the feedback from 150,000 customers, that frequent their stores every day, in a structured and measurable manner. The company found what it was looking for in Serviceware:

“The average response time has been reduced by 10% since its introduction. The cross-company, uniform documentation of all requests from customers and branches made possible by Serviceware is a substantial relief in our day-to-day workload. In addition, it delivers the basis for evaluations thereby continuously improving product and service quality ”, Ms. Martha Klotz of MPREIS explains.

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